Electromechanical Renovations

Chiller Plant

KROME is a general contractor specializing in HVAC energy infrastructure. 


The company designs and implements HVAC (air conditioning, heating, ventilation) electromechanical renovation projects in design-build mode.


An electromechanical renovation project may involve:


  • Replacement of obsolete equipments or systems

  • Reduce energy bills

  • Improve occupant comfort

  • Obtain a LEED / BOMA Best Certification


We are able to support you in all the phases of your project, from design and engineering through subsidy requests, financing, construction, training, commissioning and post-construction follow-up.


We offer, amongst other things, the following specialties:


  • Heating and air conditioning

  • Ventilation and humidification

  • Thermal and hydraulic networks

  • Heat recovery

  • Efficient lighting

  • Automated controls

  • Commissioning et recommissioning (RCx)

  • Windows and envelope refurbishment

  • Renewable energies